Most Overrated Beauty Products of 2015

Most Overrated Beauty Products of 2015


The media has portrayed some products to be labeled as “the best thing they have used” or their “favorite”. After buying and using “the best” my opinion is different than what they raved about.


1.)EOS Lip Balm

Many people get the uniquely shaped chapstick and say it heals their lips dramatically. I personally think this lip balm has a very waxy texture and I see no effects if I use it or not. It is also not very moisturizing as people claim it to be. I also think the smell is unappealing.


2.) The Naked Palette

It was number one on my list to get for my birthday. After getting the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, it didn’t beat the expectations I had. It cost around 50 dollars and was not worth as much as many people described it to be. At the drugstore there are some that are just as good if not better.


3.) Lokai Bracelets

Lokais are bracelets that are believed to have water from mount everest and mud from the dead sea. These bracelets are sold online and at the Paper Store for twenty dollars per bracelet. After purchased mine, about 6 months later it broke.


4.) Lush Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are citric acid based and when these are put into your bath it reacts and most of them makes you bath look very pretty with all the different colors. It’s said to have a relaxing bath, but the only thing you’re draining out your bath is about is 5 to 10 dollars.


5.) Mac Lipgloss

Mac has many different colors of their lipgloss. I owned their lipsticks, and immediately fell in love. After purchasing their lipgloss I was disappointed and it did not live up to my standards. It also cost 20 dollars, which for me is very over priced.
Even though these products didn’t work for me, they could be different on you. These were some of products that were very overrated and were suppose to be better than what they were said to be.

Most Overrated Beauty Products of 2015

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